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Koh Chang, one of the largest Thai islands in the Gulf of Thailand, contains dense, steep jungle. Mu Koh Chang National Park, a preserve with hiking trails and waterfalls such as tiered Klong Plu, covers the interior and extends to offshore coral reefs. It’s definitely one of the top choices if you are thinking of a romantic getaway, as it’s also home to luxury resorts where you may indulge yourself in many ways. The island has a lot of places for a romantic dinner, which may be an ideal proposal venue if you are planning for one.

Marriage Destinations

Hua Hin

Hua Hin Marriage Hua Hin is unlike many beach resort destination in Thailand. If you're looking for bright lights and the lively all-night action of cabarets and disco, you may ...
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Koh Kood

Koh Kood Marriage Despite being a beautiful mountainous island with white sandy beaches and crystal blue water, for the independent traveller, Koh Kood is a difficult destination to explore. Resorts ...
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Pattaya Marriage Thailand’s most lively beach resort area is spread out over a magnificently beautiful bay. Conveniently located near Bangkok it has a long history of tourism. Pattaya is a ...
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Koh Samed

Koh Samed Marriage The new destination in eastern Thailand, Koh Samed is located in the District of Rayong. It’s known as an Island of Paradise in Thailand. This magnificent island ...
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Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan Marriage Waterfalls, deserted, secluded beaches, full-moon party, and towering wild jungle mountains plunging into the sea. This is the wild, untamed island of Koh Phangan. Here, nature rules ...
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Samui Marriage Koh Samui is an " Eastern dream " and the heart of a large archipelago of over 80 coral studded, sand and sun-drenched islands in the southern Gulf ...
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Marriage Packages

Western Style Non Religious

Western Non Religious Your wedding day is one of the most specials days in your life and at Thailand Wedding Company we sincerely believe that it should be made special ...
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Thai Ceremony

Traditional Thai Ceremony Thai Wedding is a living kaleidoscope of music, dance and ritual, reflecting the beauty and grace of Thai culture. A sacred institution that has evolved and thrived ...
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Thai + Western Ceremony

Thai + Western Wedding Ceremony Featuring the best elements of both cultures, part of this ceremony takes place in a local Wat (temple), while the other is conducted on Thailand ...
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Same-Sex Ceremony

Same-Sex Marriage Ceremony Same-sex marriages can be performed in a secular civil ceremony or in a religious setting. Various faith communities around the world support allowing same-sex couples to marry ...
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Renewal Vows

Renewal Marriage Vows In this sensuous, exotic corner of the world there in an incredible amount of choice when it comes to venue types and ceremony styles. From weddings set ...
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Religious Marriage

Religious Marriage Ceremony The Religious Marriage Ceremony formally, "In The Eyes of God," expresses the love two people have for each other to the world. A  public declaration, before witness, ...
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